Tuesday, July 9, 2013


last week i promised to get these family pictures posted.. but the holiday weekend took over and too much fun was being had to blog! hope you all had a blast celebrating our great country too!!

there are so many lane ladies... and while people tell us all the time we look alike, it takes pictures like these for us to see how much we really do look like lanes! there's a seriously strong gene pool here!
we don't stop and take family pictures as much as we should, so these are all very special and will be cherished for years to come!


  1. These are great pictures! That beach looks amazing! I love your coordinated colors too, your dress is so adorable. And those are some strong genes! Beautiful ladies :)

  2. so many kind compliments - thank you :)
    having the family together is always fun, capturing us all together is something we forget to go and it was so fun to capture and 'coordinate' the moment!!
    thanks for all the love on the blog!!