Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HIM & HER | APRIL 2014

him: she cuts his hair once a month
her: cut and color once every few months

him: art&marys jalapeño chips
her: apples and peanut butter

him: economics
her: marketing

him: oklahoma
her: texas

him: eastbound and down
her: suits 

him: gets up after first alarm
her: likes to hit snooze a few times

his: love language :  words of affirmation 
her: love language : quality time

him: ace venture | when nature calls
her: french kiss

him: boxers
her: nighty 
this cute idea comes from the darling blog: harley & jane!

happy april fools day :)


  1. Aww love this!! Cute pictures too ;)

  2. this post (and the photos) is adorable! i was trying to figure out some of my own "his and hers" while reading along :)

  3. What cute pictures! You two are so cute, I should do another one about Andrew and I! I love Ace Ventura! I've been wanting Andrew to do the love language quiz, I should ask him again so I know and can be a better girlfriend!

  4. This is a super cute idea. I've been meaning to read the Five love languages, this is just more incentive ;)