Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Y'all. You heard me right, I'm bustin' out the 'y'all' today for this post. 
It's necessary. 
Last week while at the ranch, we met up with SP's best friend and his wife, the very same darling couple we hit the slopes with this year. 
On our way to dinner, I pointed out that there was a 'sign' for a bar in the small town we passed through leaving the ranch. In Shidler, America there is a new 'bar' - marked by a pallet with purple spray paint: 
R E D N E C K S   &   R H I N E S T O N E S
So while at dinner, we decided we would give the ol' bar a try. 
Y'all: with us there were a total of 10 people in the bar. 
Including the owner, who brings his two dogs into the bar with him. 
There was a Jukebox - a pricey one at that, $0.50 per song!
And $2.50 cold beers- the only drink of choice. 
Two pool tables, $0.75 per game. 
And of course smoking allowed.
Here is a little peak into the bar.. I know, it looks so crowded, right?!
SP and I ran the table a few times- yeah, we're good like that!
The owners sweet yellow lab : guarding the bar.
But really just taking any of the 'lovins' he can get!

So, y'all, as you can tell Shilder, America is hoppin' and packin in the crowds on a Friday night. 
Not sure we will be back, but sure can say we had a large time!


  1. Aww haha sometimes those little places can be the best! Too funny!