Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Twice a year there is a massive gather. a gathering of junkers, collectors, junk gypsies and diggers alike in Round Top, Texas. 
Have you been or heard of this heaven before?! 
If you are a 'junker' and have thought of going, but have not taken the leap... its time. 
Mark your calendars for the fall 2014 show, book your stay and make your way there. You will not be disappointed. Trust me. 

Personally I like to find the best deal in town. And by town, I mean in on of the many fields, where there is junk as far as the eyes can see. 
Digging and bargaining for the 'one of a kind' treasure is what its all about! 
It's also about the fellow junk gypsies you will meet and come to love, and run into year after year. 

But it's also about the down time. 
Literally. Down time. There is spotty cell phone reception, if any!
I like getting away for the weekend with girl friends, staying at the coziest of bed and breakfast', walking for miles to see, touch and smell as much junk as you possibly can, and coming back for drinks, dinner and camaraderie until you can't keep your eyes open anymore!
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If you can, stay with Rachel Ashwell at The Prairie 
Or at the Round Top Inn
Or the amazing restore: Vintage Round Top Inn

Want to know more?! 
I am happy to help send you off in the right direction on your Round Top adventure!!

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  1. Umm this sounds right up my ally! Love finding special little treasures!