Thursday, April 4, 2013


Good Morning Lovelies! Incase you missed my guest post this week over at Cashmere & Camo, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to read it here today. The sweet Brandy asked me to share my 'antler art' to be apart of her really cool antler series she has running on her blog!

As you know from my blog, I am (slightly, ok maybe a lot more than slightly) obsessed with antlers! It helps that my boyfriends is a ranch and avid bow hunter. We have date-nights where we take the 40wheeler out for hours and cross the ranch in search for fallen deer sheds.

Last year there were a few left over, that did not turn into wine holder, bottle opener or decorations around the house, that I used for my jewelry racks. 

Materials used: 
-one wooden frame that i found at an estate sale for $2
-2 deer sheds from the ranch
-gold floral wire (crafting wire will work too)
-2 nails and a hammer

2 main how-tos:
first: hang the frame, so you can center the antlers
second: wrap the antlers with the wire and create a loop for the nail
This little frame with a sweet little prayer sits on my dresser - I made one for all the ladies in the lane family for Christmas a few years ago: 

‘Hear Him whisper those same words to you every morning when you open your eyes: “Today, my precious daughter, let true be light.” And at the end of the day, when He tucks you tenderly into bed, may He delight to say: “There was light in you today.” 

Hope you all enjoyed this little DIY! Be sure to check out Cashmere & Camo!!

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