Tuesday, April 9, 2013


another amazing shop to check out in 'the oc' is one for guys only: pebble + pine
its literally the coolest golf shop you've yet to step your foot in. open, fresh, clean cut, and comfortable with the perfect touch of vintage decor. 
each shirt, shoelace, leather accessory, bag, shaving kit, down to the colorful socks are made in america. the owners makes a huge emphasis on everything 'american made' and their attention to detail and quality is evident as soon as you step foot into this super cool store. 

"At Pebble+Pine we pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade men's golf and lifestyle products. These products will appeal to those who value the quality and durability inherent in something made by skilled artisans. We believe it is getting back to a time when we valued the enterprise and effort of a dedicated few." (Source)

if you live in dallas, enjoy golf, love supporting american made brands and love supporting your local shop and shop owners, then this is on your to-do list asap. 
guys- you are going to feel at home at pebble + pine, sofa and flatscreen included!
ladies- you are going to enjoy the shop owners accent while your man shops:)

visit pebble + pine in 'the oc':  408 N. Bishop #104 Dallas, TX 75208 
or online : webpage // facebook // twitter // tumblr 

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