Tuesday, April 16, 2013


two weekends ago a major life event happened in the lane family. my sister and her boyfriend of 4.5 years got engaged!!
these two lovebirds met and dated in college and now a few years out of college they are ready to commit their lives to one another and tie 'the knot'! 
in case you are wondering why there are guns, camo, and duct-tape in the pictures above, let me tell you a little bit about this special day!
a few months back, my aunt and uncle had invited these two kids out for an afternoon of shotgun shootin' fun on their ranch. in the mean time, mr. chad (sisters finance) decided he was ready to pop the question and wanted to use their day at the ranch to do so. this way my sister would expect nothing and be completely surprised- and she was!
so they headed out for their afternoon of fun, little did she know, that both her and his family were on their way out to the ranch as well, with cars full of decorations, balloon, banners and more! while they were out shooting, i went to hide close to where mr. chad was going to propose, all decked out in camo, to be sure she wouldn't see me taking pictures. 
long story short... after a few hours, they started back towards the house, he walked her down the path of lanterns to the quilt where he got down on one knee! it was simply perfect!
once she said yes, mr. chad fired off one shot for the family to hear and they all started cheering! 
we celebrated these two with champagne, margaritas, yummy food, cupcakes and two sweet families coming together! 
it was such a special day with special memories all around- here's to these two lovebirds and this sweet time they have ahead of them!! 

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