Thursday, December 12, 2013


1 jessica moto leggings, body rock (available at BEYOND || 2 knee highs, toesox 
3 carry me om tote, lululemon || 4 juice cleanse, roots juices || 5 wellness formula, source naturals  
6 coffee, cafe bustelo || 7 reve de miel lip balm, nuxe 

today is round two of the BEYOND Studio Instructors Holiday Wish list / Gift Guide!
it is always nice to know what the fitness lovers, who live, breath and teach everyday 
would love like to see under the tree this year!
so when we asked adria (who's a fabulous birthday girl this week!!) to share some of her favorite things  i was super pumped that she shared some of her 'wellness' necessities... 
adria literally has the best skin.ever.

if you missed part one, if here!

if you are in the dallas area, send me a little email and we can talk about setting up your first visit to BEYOND!

**stay tuned for more BEYOND amazing wish lists this week and next**

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  1. We have a Roots in Atlanta and I've heard nothing but great things! It's on my list of places to try. Have a wonderful weekend lady friend! :)