Tuesday, December 17, 2013


emi-jay hair ties (sold at BEYOND) || 2 nancy rose pants (sold at BEYOND) || 3 itunes gift cards || 4 nancy rose sweatshirt (sold at BEYOND) || 5minnetonka mukluk boots || 6 jawbone UP 
nest holiday candle || 8 gwyneth paltrow cook book

today is round three of the BEYOND Studio Instructors Holiday Wish list / Gift Guide!

it is always nice to know what the fitness lovers, who live, breath and teach everyday 
would love like to see under the tree this year!
so when we asked kendall, my daily partner in crime, pilates enthusiast, yoga lover and down right good friend to share her 'holiday wish list' it was no surprise that most of her 'must-haves' are for sale at the BEYOND Studios!

if you missed part one go here and part two is here!

if you are in the dallas area, send me a little email and we can talk about setting up your first visit to BEYOND!

**stay tuned for more BEYOND amazing wish lists this week and next**

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