Wednesday, December 18, 2013


asos bracelet || truffle no 1 clarity || j.crew pajama set || tiffany's necklace || ralph lauren parfume 
travel camera cover || camera strap || northface down vest || sorels carley boots || michael kors watch
     jon hart burleson bag and weekender (matching in black!!)

monday's post was all about the perfect gift for the men in your life ... what about whats on your list?! 
today i am sharing with you a few things on my wish list... i've realized over the years most things are practical and very useful rather than things that i think i really really need to have and then end up only enjoying for a few weeks. 

what is on your wish list this year?!

and... in other news... i am guest blogging for the beautiful and amazing blogger brittany!
it's  all about dating my cowboy, how we met, how we didn't date for a while, and how we now make our long-distance relationship work and how we had invited God into our relationship!!


  1. I for real need to get one of those truffle pouches! I love that they're clear and make it easy to find what you're looking for.

  2. Oh that north face puffer vest is too cute!! I sure hope someone gifts me a vest for Christmas!

  3. I love those bracelets! Great picks!