Wednesday, February 12, 2014


its all about my sister bachelorette party on the blog this week!
yesterday i shared with you the perfect invitations that set the mood for the whole weekend. today i am sharing with you a look into some of the details that shaped this party into a perfectly girly pink and gold wonderland!

we framed the invitations and placed them on the front entry table along with the gifts my sister made for all of her little bridesmaids!
matching shirts with BM (bridesmaid) on the front and then her hashtag for the weekend #laneletsloose across the back of the shirts. the shirts were wrapped around a personalized jewelry bag for each girl!
since i wanted to make all the girls feel special, and thank them for making the perfect weekend happen for my sister.. i had a cute gift bag for each of them with a personalized lingerie bags! 
(white with gold stitching of course!)

as for the bride- she didn't want just another hot pink and black bachelorette sash.. so i made her a very special one... vintage lace personalized with 'future mrs. richards'!
all of the personalized details are thanks to my amazing at southern belle monograms.
anything monogram, personalized she should be your go-to girl:)
these cups were such a hit!
i love that they combined the brides favorite quote and were a take-away for everyone at the party to remind them of all the fun, even after the weekend was over!
the cups were such a fun project to collaborate with my friend over at gunn promotionals with. 
for the lingerie shower there was no shortage of PINK and GOLD!
my mom and i made a darling felt 'pin the panties' banner.. 
my dear friend caroline's mom helped us with the oh-so delicious cake-pops! 
(this was the only 'dirty' side of the party;) !!)
we had perfect pink sofia minis for everyone chilled, a yummy cheese tray, and jd's chippery cookies!

it was so fun to see all the details come together!
i just love that everything was in-keeping with the theme and even down to the wrapping,
everything was perfectly girly and PINK and GOLD!

 p r e t t y  l i t t l e  d e t a i l s: 
{brown gift bags and leopard tissue-paper-- hobby lobby}
{gold alphabet stickers -- target
{invitations - LOCDesignandPaperie}
{pink shirts - target}
{sash and lingerie bags - southern belle monograms}
personalized cups - gunn promotionals}
{mini sofia champagne cans - francis ford coppola winery}


  1. I adore this. SO cute and so much thought put into all the little details!

  2. I have attended many bachelorette parties and I would like to say that all this parties are having fun and enjoyment.