Friday, February 14, 2014


thanks for following along this week with all things #bachelorette weekend for my sister!
it has been so fun to share all the details with you lovely little readers.
here's a quick recap: the invitations || the details || oh shit kit + glitter 

and now for a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend with the leading lady and her lovely bridesmaids who made everything so memorable and made the bride smile all weekend long!
me and my sis, the bride! 
and the BRIDE discovering her 'groom-to-be' sent up a few chilled bottles to toast to the weekend!
after a lovely brunch with $2 mimosas!
beautiful ladies in matching shirts!
all did up and ready to take on the town!
thanks for hosting us PALOMAR dallas- so many highlights that were included in our stay!
we will be back:)
this is probably my favorite picture of the weekend!
the BRIDE, all dressed up, living in the moment and dancing the night away!!
we went out for drinks at SYMTH. everyone got a specialized drink and a personalized picture ;)
secret location, secret-never to be recreated drinks - oh what a night!

thanks to all of her 'maids' for making a memorable weekend happen!
so excited to celebrate THE DAY with my sister and all of her favorite people in just a few weeks!


  1. Bachelorette's are some of the best. Glad your sister's was memorable, now it's time to get married!

  2. Makes my heart smile knowing how much love went into preparing for the weekend! #sistersandfriends