Friday, February 28, 2014


last but defiantly not least of this weeks guest posting on faith... 

is the sweet and loving mama Brittani!
although i can't remember how brittani and my blogging paths crossed, she has become a dear blogging-buddy, wonderful supporter and just all around inspirational mama!
. . . . . . . . . . 

Hi to all of you readers! I'm Brittani and blog over at linen and lace
I'm so excited to be able to share my thoughts with you today on this sweet blog.

I began blogging about a year ago with the intentions of taking perfect pictures, having all sorts of DIY projects, to -die-for desserts and launching my small business and Etsy shop. 
Well, some of those things are still true today,

why I blog has changed.

I blog because it makes me stop and look at the world around me for just a minute or two. 
It has taught me to appreciate all of the goodness of this life.

With the goodness of this life came a deeper appreciation for my family, my boys and a way to put my soul out there for whoever chooses to see.

Happy or boring, beautiful or funny. 
I blog to be raw, real and to hopefully inspire someone along the way.
When I think about why  I choose to blog about my faith it stumps me.

Why wouldn't I?

I don't think I ever made a conscious decision to declare my love for Him or to shout it from the rooftops. 

This is my space to share my heart
and He is my heart.

He has blessed me with more than I could begin to think I deserve.
How could I leave him out? 

I don't have a perfect life, my blog isn't bursting at the seams with followers or comments, but it's my little story to share with you.

I feel that the Lord has led me to {hopefully} inspire you in your own life. To get excited about the things present and also to come for you and your family.
Our God is so good, how can we not sing his praises?

And who do I think I am to not listen when he says "speak"

I hope that you feel empowered, excited and ready to embrace whatever season of life that you are in.
 It is only for a season.
 It will pass and the time will slip away. 
All that will be left is the memories and the glory that you give Him.

Shout it out, lift it up and see the beauty of all that He has given us.

Love to you, my friends!

. . . . . . . . . . 
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thank you to the three lovely ladies and women of God who agreed to guest post here this week, but more importantly, thank you to each of them for sharing their faith and writing from the heat- we need more women like Amanda, Brittany and Brittani to utilize the space in the blogging world to spread the GOOD NEWS and God's love for each of us!!!

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  1. Brittani sounds adorable and her little boy is the cutest!!