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continuing with another great guest post on faith....

today the darling newlywed Brittany is taking over the blog! 
i have been following 'happy is a choice' since before her engagement and wedding to her amazing husband and man of God! her words of wisdom on 'praying for your boyfriend' is what got me hooked!
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Hello Life of the Lane Fans! Our gorgeous girl TheLane is enjoying a couples getaway and she invited me to keep her blog, and you company this week.

My name is Brittany and I blog over at Happy Is A Choice. My blog is a lifestyle blog where you will read about my life as a newlywed, running,  my faith, and everything in between. I am a follower of Jesus and my one true goal and intent to my blog is to glorify Him in everything I write.

happy is a choice

Sharing my faith on my blog is scary at times. I feel pressured to please everyone, to be funny and make readers laugh, and to write posts that people will like. But the one thing I’ve learned from following Christ is that we are called to be counter cultural. To live differently than the rest of the world, and shine His light in such a way people know there is something different about us.

There are a lot of people that don’t want to read about Jesus and how He’s working in my life. But I am not writing for them. I am writing solely to honor God. My words might get bypassed by 99% of readers, but if they touch one person, if they give hope to someone who is hopeless or remind one person how desperately loved they are, then I will continue writing what God writes on my heart. He works in the craziest, most magnificent of ways and I feel like I can use my space, my audience, my corner on the intent to speak truth and life and freedom into the lives of women.

Sharing our faith doesn’t have to mean a long explanation of what the bible says about a certain subject, or taking on a hot button issue, or sharing your testimony. It CAN be all of those things, but instead, when you make God the center of your life and allow Him in to the smallest moments of your day, you will find Him woven through your everyday posts in a beautiful way.

You can find Him in the beauty of nature on a walk with a friend, you can notice His provision and perfect timing when you get that new job or promotion. He is with you in those hard conversations with loved ones, and is the calm to your anxious and stormy heart.

happy is a choice

You see, God isn’t in a box that we pick up for thirty minutes a day when we read our bible, and he’s not in the once a week blog post where I write about my “faith.” God is in every minute of every day, and I can’t help but talk about Him in my blog posts because I blog about this beautiful life He has blessed me with. Whether or not I write about faith as a topic, or mention His name, my one goal is to glorify Him. Every day before I hit publish, I ask myself if I am bringing honor to Him or not. And sometimes, it takes me stepping away and getting some perspective about whether or not I need to be posting that specific post on the internet, influencing and touching the lives of my readers.

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  1. I loooove what you say about God being in all aspects of your life so how can you NOT posts about it. Love it!