Wednesday, March 26, 2014


there are so many wonderful places around the ranch - its hard to pick a favorite. but today i am sharing our favorite picnic spot with you. 
on monday i went along with sp to feed a few pastures of cattle, and since it was going to be a few hours and it wasn't close to the house, i said i would go and open gates, and help count, if at the end we could stop for a picnic, take the four-wheeler out and make an afternoon of it. 

so thats just what we did!
we loaded up the trailer with the four-wheeler, packed a picnic and went on a forest adventure after sp was done working for the day.
this  might be the biggest oak tree i ever did see!
the gentleman who used to own this property made a picnic spot under this very tree! it used to have a few benches just next to the perfect swimming hole - tree swing and all.
if you look closely, you can see the tree swing hanging on the right branch. 
the branch has since died, and the picnic spot is not in the form it used to be in, but theres still something calming and serene about this spot.
my handsome lunch date :)
we packed a simple lunch, sandwiches, chips and homemade brownies sp's mom sent us home with after sunday supper the night before! and of course an ice-cold dr. pepper!
there are not many signs of spring around the ranch just yet... its still quit chilly during the days and has dropped below freezing a few nights a week this march. but we found the first signs of spring when we spotted these pretty purple blooms trying to prove that spring is just around the corner!

these next two pictures make me laugh so hard every time i look at them!!!
like i mentioned, we went on a 4-wheeler adventure in the forest after lunch and here is some of our findings....
here is what i found!!
and here is what sp found!!!
i love afternoon adventures like these with my love. 
no cell phones (mainly because there is no reception!!), quality time, and a little quiet time with the Lord when you get to be submerged in this amazing thing called nature, in its raw, beautiful and untouched state with not another soul around for miles!

oh, and of course there was a little nature-yoga :)
here is me (all bundled up) holding a crow-pose on a big rock in the middle of the creek!!


  1. Look at you and your crow pose! Go girlfriend! I love finding little picnic spots. This one looks so peaceful!

  2. Ha I love that you found antlers. Man that day job seems so much better than mine!!