Tuesday, March 25, 2014


this past sunday sp and I took the afternoon to enjoy the outdoors and nurture our love-language 'quality time'. no cell phones, no watches, just the sounds of nature, crisp spring air and outdoor adventures together. 
first stop was this huge tree that had fallen over a dry creek bed- ofcourse it called for some yoga poses!
sp, who has never done yoga, is mastering a dancers pose like a pro:)
i love a good shadow picture--- however when your bundled up like 'michelin-men' because its not quite spring at the ranch.. the shadow pictures look more like marshmallow pictures ;) 
i stopped to take this pictures, because i thought it looks like a giant wishbone! 
and this sweet readers, is a true #SundaySelfie. 
no make up
unruly hair 
but cheese-balls for days!
your welcome. 
(or more like, i'm sorry!!!)
when you wear bog boots tall enough to tread through water, you tread through water. 
boys like to see just how far they can go before it hits the top of their boots.. sp likes doing the same!
its even more fun, when the water is so clear, you forget your even in water and looking for pretty rocks and creek mussels!

if your following me on instagram, you saw the winning picture from #sundayFunday!!


  1. Aww this looks like such a perfect day!!

  2. I want some bog boots!! I tried on my first pair of waders last fall and had a blast in them!

  3. Ha! I love your marshmallow picture :)