Tuesday, November 4, 2014


its a rainy election day in dallas... if you have not voted yet and have to take the kiddos with you today, why not all put on your rain-boots and make for a 'puddle-adventure'!
sometimes it blows my mind that most of texas comes to a standstill (literally- it took me almost three times as long to get to work today) when it rains. maybe since rain is a rarity here most days of the year?! in germany, it rains so much in the fall and spring that you can't hibernate for half the year. so mamas bundle up their minis and off they go, about their days - mostly by foot since everything is 'walk-able' in the little towns.
gosh i miss walking everywhere. especially on the weekends.. the the coffee shop, the bakery and then on to lunch. maybe one day i'll live in a small 'walk-able' town again!

until then, here's to making the most of the rainy days wherever you are :)
{mini + mama}

boy: hat || shirt || sweater || boots || jeans
girl: hat || tights || tote || dress || boots


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