Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SURPRISE... 30 !!

last friday afternoon i walked into the most wonderful surprise celebration... my sister and momma had been super sneaky and planned for my favorite people to all come together to celebrate the big 
3-0 that is creeping up on me! 
what i thought was just going to be happy hour with my sister to toast to her thanksgiving vacation, turned out to be the more pleasant surprise! walking into a room full of so much love was overwhelming, but in a good way of course. my family, closest of friends were all there to celebrate and toast with margaritas- my favorite!
thanks to everyone that could make it and to my sister and momma for hosting and putting together such a perfect surprise- yall are the best!!
ps: these metallic balloons are the best! 

pps: oh, and turning 3-0 looks a little better when you have the best hair stylist in town!!
thanks lindsey for doing great things to make my hairs look oh-so good:)

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