Wednesday, November 12, 2014


winter swooped in full force yesterday into dallas. crazy winds, temps dropped like 40 degrees. madness i tell ya!
you've been reading my last few posts, so you know i love layers.. and layering with a scarf is like layering your necklaces in the winter if you ask me. not that you should wear more than one scarf, but you should layer your scarf over your outfit and keep it on all day for color:) the blanket scarf accessory jane has in her november collection is still on my radar!

i'm a big coffee drinker, but too much caffeine in the afternoons keeps me buzzin' too late at night. so to still sip on warm liquids, i overdose on teas during the fall and winter months. yogi teas are so yummy - and you can buy them on amazon, that was easy.

and since everyone likes to turn on the heater, the air is dry, so my lips and hands and cuticles dry out super fast.. so i like to keep plenty of moisturizing lotion and lip balm options in my purse - and at my desk i keep a little bottle of cuticle oil, and i apply it every morning when i get to my desk while my emails load.

what are some of your fall/winter essentials?!

lotion || baby lips one & two || cuticle oil

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