Thursday, November 6, 2014


a day late on the post about my currently loving and its not a #workday to #weekend theme, but it still has some of my favorite finds of the week!

these delicate little bracelets are always on my arm. i wear two and they are the perfect touch of 'girly' everyday accessory.
i am excited to change out my summer to winter closet this weekend. yes, my closet is so very tiny, that i have to keep the 'off season' packed up in my unused suitcases and then swap it out for the current season when the temperatures change. its a little 'chritmas morning feeling' when i unpack the bags, cuz there are somethings that i forget i even had! i am most excited about the vests i have packed away- but i  might just have to add this one in navy to my collection!!
as for my nails these days, im hooked to my new gelish addiction! my friend gave me the 'must haves' to do it at home on your own, and i love everything about it. and oddly enough, when i do a gelish manicure at home, it lasts way longer then when i get one at the salon.

one more thing on my favorite list this week.. this gorgeous 'blanket scarf' accessory jane has in her november collection. stunning.
the one below is from ae - not as darling, but its not back-ordered, if you just have to have one right now:), i'm added the one accessory jane has to my wish list!
currently loving

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