Monday, February 16, 2015


realtalk: garage sales, antique shopping, vintage finds, estate sales are my weakness.
i am actually really close to putting this bumper sticker on my car: i break for garage sales. 
ok, i'm not quite there, but i do love me some junk. 

like this chair i found below. at an estate sale over a year ago..... ooops!
the real deal is a little pricey (this one, these, or these!) so i thought $30 was a total steal. 

here is her in all her estate sale glory.. in need of some serious tlc.
what the before picture does not have, is the ply-wood seat insert that came with the chair, since the that part was completely non-existent at time of purchase. 

so after a year of 'thinking' about it and taking up storage space in my moms garage, i finally took on this project when the sun was shining and the wind was not blowing (critical for spray paint activities!)

supplies needed: 
you can sand it down if you want, but this one was already pretty rough, so i left that step out. 
cushion form for the seat - similar here
fabric to cover the cushion  -- i found mine in the 'scrap' bin at the fabric store for $6!!
heavy-duty staple gun 

step one:  remove the ply wood and cut foam down to fit
(cut out corners are close to exact as possible so it will fit back in its place better)

step two: staple fabric to seat (over cushion) as form fitting as possible, folding down the corners neatly. (set this aside until your paint has completely dried)
** i went with a really neutral fabric, white, cream with hints of gold. i figured this part is totally enter-changeable down the road. 

step three: lay cardboard or set chair in alley way to spray paint (away from anything you don't want paint on it... spray paint travels!!)
get into all the corners, nooks and sides of the chair. I went over it 3 times (all one can) and still it think i might have missed a small spot or two. but its vintage and a little character is ok with me!

step four: let paint dry as long as possible. i let it sit over night outside, since there were 3 coats of paint that needed drying. 

step five: slowly and without force fit the seat back into its space. 
new chair just the way you want it! 
now all its missing it a cute accent pillow and maybe a fuzzy throw over the side!
here is a close up of the fabric i chose. i love it! 
its just enough leopard print and gold for a soft feminine touch:)

ps: ace hardware is totally my go-to place for any crafting, around the house, repair needs. 
if only they had a lumber section i would go there for ALL my hardware store needs. 
this post is NOT sponsored by Ace - but i recommend going there!!

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