Wednesday, February 18, 2015


if your following me on instagram, these might look familiar!
for valenteins this year sp and i had a them: 
red wine
red meat
red velvet
all of which turned out excellent. so good in fact, that i thought i would share the brownie bar recipe with you. no need to add the red food coloring if you just want regular colored brownies:)

i never bake. mainly because i hate following a recipe. 
real talk - its so bad that i've had to throw out a boxed-cake before. told you i'm not good at it. 
but i wanted to make a desert for sp on valentines day, so i followed all of the below steps exactly!
(the only thing i didnt do was use 2 tubes of food coloring, i went with just 1)
this is the recipe i found on pinterest of course!

this girls food pics and chocolate swirls are way more impressive than mine. 
but the taste translated perfectly!!

hope you all had an extra sweet valentines as well. 
x o x o

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