Thursday, February 19, 2015


exciting announcement:: sp is an uncle for the second time!! this time around to a little baby girl!
his brother and sister in law welcomed a little bundle of perfect joy into the world on tuesday afternoon. sp headed straight to meet them at the hospital and i can hardly stand to see them all this weekend!

since i'm not a mommy and don't have any new mommy advice or recommendations, i asked some of my dear friends they are mommy's what some of the things were they 'had to have' postpartum. 
here's the collection that came together: 
new mommy must haves: 
** epsom salt - 'soothing me time' in the bathtub
** coconut oil - 'natures nipple cream' 
** dry shampoo - ' your next shower' 
** gel breast pads - 'sooth the boobs' - refrigerate and enjoy 
** traditional medicinals - 'more better mommy milk' mothers milk tea & cute mug!
** the mommys favorite wine in mini bottles
** halo sleepsack swaddle - the warm fleece kind 
** 'postpartum padsicles' for you know... (image not pictured- details below) 
here are all the goodies in a cute tote i found at hobby lobby (similar)
complete with leopard tissue paper, the mamma's favorite!!  
as for the padsicles... my inspiration was from visiting a friend just a few hours after she gave birth and the nurse had brought her in a 'frozen diaper' - genius!! i've passed that advice on to all my new mamma friends since the hospital does not just offer these up! so i thought, having something similar at home might be helpful. to save the mamma some time, i found these diy padsicles  on pinterest and will have them in the freezer when she gets home!
(i left out the lavender, figured less fragrances the better)

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