Wednesday, February 11, 2015


its been for.ever. since i've last posted here. 
sorry for the radio silence. truly. 
but the holidays happened, then we traveled a little, and then i just needed a break from this little space. 

i'm thinking of going in a little different direction for a while. maybe less posts, maybe more of whats happening on an everyday/real talk basis and more true to who i am!

what better way to kick that off, than with a homemade valentines day crafting session!
a few thursdays ago, over lots of wine, a home-cooked meal and several rolls of washi-tape a good friend and i laughed, talked and made some valentines crafts.  it was so good for the soul :)

coming up with fun, new dates is not exactly easy.. sp and i love to cook a yummy meal at home, go on long adventure walks at the ranch, and visit our local favorite restaurants. but thinking out of the box or trying new things is not something we tend to do. 
soooo.. for my valentines gift to him, i made a 'date jar' .. which after a few glasses of wine, i for some reason tagged it as a 'love jar'- red wine, oops!

stickers - dollar section at target
washi tape - collection over time (dollar section at target and cute tape )
ribbon - clearance section at tuesday morning
glass jar - tuesday morning
date idea inspiration - pinterest
free font for the date cards 
a few dollars for the none-free dates

how to:
i  came up with 8 dates, some free and some just a few dollars each (listed below)
printed them off, using this cute font, and cut them to make it just a little cuter!
then washi-taped them each up with fun color combinations
rolled them individually (wish cash if needed) and tied them with ribbon
dropped them in the jar - and had my sweet friend use her amazing handwriting to write on the chalkboard tape she had to tag the jar!

so the next time we cant decide where to go or what to do on a date night, we'll just choose from one of the cute rolls in the jar!

list of fun (almost free dates!): 
go on a walk/hike at nature reserve (free)
play a board game  (free)
make smores in the backyard (free)
one on one basketball fun at local park (free)

redbox movie + watch under fort build by you and me ($1)
frozen yogurt treat ($5)
two-buck chuck to be enjoyed outdoors ($3)
margaritas at our favorite tex-mex place ($6)

happy valentines - get creative!
flowers and chocolates are too expensive this week- try something new!