Friday, May 23, 2014


if you follow me on twitter, then you are here because i promised to share some news with you guys this week, and well its friday… and i had to drag it out ;)
this blog has not been a true personal outlet for the most part, but this is just something i cannot not share with you guys!

as you know.. sp is a full-time cattle rancher in oklahoma. 
over the last few months we have had some serious talks, long ones, about how our relationship is going to move forward. being 5.5 hours apart is not very beneficial for a future together.  and quite honestly living on a ranch, much like ree drummond/pioneer woman, did not feel like something i wanted to do for the rest of my life. don't get me wrong, the ranch is a wonderful place, we love spending time there, but sp did not see himself wanting to work that life forever, 
and i didn't want my closest neighbor to be 4 miles away. 

…. all that to say, this past week sp was offered a job in dallas!
we are over the moon that God's plan for us is going to be in texas and close to my family!
this is not only a huge step for sp and his career, but also for the next steps in our relationship.
there are going to be so many new things for us to get used to.. for one, living in the same city, dating in the same city and finding our new groove of not being in a long-distance relationship.

to toast to the occasion, we enjoyed some yummy bubbles and amazing dinner at driftwood in oak cliff. 

heres to you sp: to your dedication and commitment to finding a new career 
and holding out for the right job!
i could not be more excited for you to be in dallas, 
for us to have many more date nights, and watch God's plan unfold for us together.

and as my friend punky tolson says: 'His plan for my life, far exceeds my plans for my life'!!
we forgot to get a picture together while out for dinner… but we snapped these fun ones afterwards. 
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her dress | milk and honey
his shirt | j crew


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am so excited for you! That is wonderful news :) You two are so adorable and I know this is going to be so wonderful for your relationship! When Andrew and my relationship stopped being long distance, it was the biggest blessing. I can totally relate, you must be over the mood! Congrats to sp on the new job!! xo

  2. So exciting!!! Congratulations!!! Now go celebrate all weekend long!

  3. So so exciting! I'm really happy for you both. Maybe next time I'm inTX visiting my parents we can plan a time to meet up!