Wednesday, May 14, 2014

HIM & HER | MAY 2014

him: showers at night
her: showers at night or immediately after yoga

him: Christmas
her: Christmas

him: left side of the bed
her: right side of the bed

him: strawberries
her: pineapple

him: fall/ autumn 
her: spring

him: romans 8:28
her:  ephesians 2:10

him: football
her: college football 

his: beach
her: beach

him: isle seat
her: window seat

him: medium (steak)
her: medium (steak)
this cute idea comes from the darling blog: harley & jane!

pictures are from my sisters wedding weekend!
wedding details and pictures to follow as soon as they come back from the photographer!

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  1. Love this Him & Her! You two are adorable. Thanks for tagging us--I love reading Him & Hers.