Thursday, December 13, 2012


this week i have been nannying part time for two adorable munchkins who are full of life, play and love! they have made me laugh so hard this week- it has been such a joy to spend time with them a few hours every day! plus hearing little kids laugh is the best sounds in the world- it makes my heart smile:)

after school play time was really fun yesterday, thanks to my sisters first grade crafting ideas and skills. we made the same 'puffy snowmen' that the first graders made - with a little more guidance... since staying focused at 3 and 5 can be a little challenging;)

i took some pictures of the process - easy to follow- for the next time you and the kiddos need a fun, easy crafting idea! 
*side note... once your 'snowman' is built the cream/glue needs to dry for a few hours before its ready to hang anywhere... he might just 'melt' off the paper if not ;)



here's where she got the cute idea!

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