Sunday, December 9, 2012


this past week has been a crazy one. 
recovering from a yucky head cold (bleh) and decorating a clients home for the Christmas Season has kept me from having any spare time to blog...sad face.

here are a few (no-so-professional-iphone-shots) from the beautiful home i decorated this past week. the color scheme was blues, greens, and silver/shiny things:
--the blues are big bows-- 
--the greens are the fresh garland and magnolia leaves from the backyard-- 
--the shiny is the ornaments, sparkly garland decorations and twinkly-lights--

growing up, we've always decorated with fresh garland and magnolia- it brings an amazing smell and holiday feel to the home!

thank you to the 'P' family for asking me to come in and decorated their home!

professional (non-iphone) photos to follow later!
*photos taken at clients home in dallas, texas

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