Tuesday, December 11, 2012


as promised, here is the beautiful tree...
strung with lights, our favorite ornaments and burlap! 

we always decorate a real tree together. when we were living in germany we would plant the live tree (roots and all) in our backyard after the season...
(they are all tall and grown up now!) 
there's just something about the smell of a fresh tree in the house that makes it feel like the season can officially start! 

every year, without fail, we blast the celine dion 'these are the special times' album 
(my sister will sing at the top of her lungs!) we toast with champagne and my mom will watch and 'direct' the madness as my sister and i unpack, move, hang and do the heavy lifting to get Christmas out of boxes and up and around the house. 
mom likes to come back and 'fluff' and add her touch of Christmas magic!

here's the outcome of our annual Christmas decorating activities/festivities:

home- decorating
helpful packing/decorating note:
after a few years of lugging multiple boxes of decorations up and down the attic stairs, we now have it down to a fine art of organized decorating skills. each box is labeled with its exact content.. almost down to which room each box needs to be unpacked in!
it make for less mess, confusion and all around a quicker process. i highly recommend it! you will not enjoy the first time you go through this process (putting it all away) but you will thank me next year when you bring all the boxes back out;)

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