Thursday, December 20, 2012


Confession: I am completely in awe that I have had so many lovely ladies wanting to guest blog here this week. Each of them have beautiful and successful blogs that I deeply admire and look up to. Today's guest blogger is no exception! Every girl needs a little 'glitter and grace' in their life, and when I first stumbled upon Sara's beautiful blog I was instantly hooked! 
Thank you Sara for sharing your holiday cheer on the blog today and for putting more glitter in the world on a daily basis!

It's so fun to be visiting here on Life of the Lane's and I love that she asked me to share some holiday snapshots from my life! 
saras tree
Living with other girls, I'm not able to decorate exactly how I would like all around the house, but I have still had fun decorating the downstairs and outside with my roommates, and then making my room my own. One of my favorite looks is filling up big glass vases with bright ornaments, and then any excuse to add extra Christmas lights is welcomed by me. 

The fireplace in my room has been the absolute highlight this winter and I've been lighting a fire almost every night to stay warm and cozy. I love how pretty and sparkly this time of year is and I am soaking in every minute. 
sara fireplace
Thank you for having me Lane and I would love for you to 
come say hi to me over at Glitter and Grace

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  1. Thank you for having me Alyssa! Merry Christmas!! xo