Thursday, June 20, 2013


a few weeks ago after leaving route 66 behind us (read about our trip here here and here) and heading back to dallas, we of course had to stop at the mecca of road side attractions, better known as the historic cadillac ranch
as you read in the story above this site has been visited since 1974 which means almost 40 years of layer upon layer of graffiti paint where tourists and locals have left their mark. 
while we were there, a gentleman in a black hoodie who we thought was just there to leave his name or that of a loved one, was covering an entire car with a fresh coat of paint for a 'new canvas' for future visitors. 
its a 'must see' on your next roadtrip through west texas. it will not take too much out of your travel time -unless of course you bring a bright color of spray paint to leave your mark- we were back in the car in 15 minutes to finish our homeward journey.

"Several myths have been perpetuated about the origin of the Cadillac Ranch, however, the truth is, the Cadillac Ranch was a planned artistic endeavor.
The Texas millionaire Stanley Marsh, 3 is eccentric. In 1973, Marsh invited a San Francisco artists’ collective called the Ant Farm to help him in the creation of a unique work of art for his sprawling ranch just west of Amarillo.
The group set about acquiring ten used Cadillacs, ranging in model years from 1948 to 1963. Built along the tattered remains of historic Route 66, the cars were meant to represent the "Golden Age” of American automobiles. Most of the cars were purchased from junk yards, and averaged about $200. The cars were then buried nose-down, facing west along the old highway. Those that could run, were driven into the half-burial holes, the rest were hoisted in. In 1974 the project was completed and in no time at all, visitors began to come from all over the world, leaving their mark on the ever-thickening graffiti covered cars." <source>

*all photos taken my the lane*


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    1. thanks girl! it was a fun stop, maybe not worth the drive to the middle of nowhere just to see this, but if your ever close to amarillo its worth the stop!