Tuesday, June 4, 2013



its been all over the news recently, the severe weather has made its mark in oklahoma. and while there have been horrible tornado disasters all over the state, the ranch has thankfully been spared from any touching down. we are very thankful for the rain, the ponds, creeks and grass was begging for it-  but with the large amounts of rain comes quickly rising waters and forceful waters rushing down the creek beds. and that means the waters can quickly wipe out the fences and posts in the creek beds - which means water gaps need fixin' to keep the cattle and horses in the right pastures.
so sp and i loaded up the gator and headed out early last week to get the work done. in some spots he was submerged in the creek mid belly... and keep in mind the waters are nice and crisp. and by crisp i mean cold!
on our way back to the house the sun came out and we even found a few pretty wild flowers that are still going strong in the kitchen window!


  1. Looks like hard work...thanks for sharing little pieces of a life that is so different from mine :)

    1. georgia- thanks for stopping by!! water gap fixin is a hard deal... but takin pic and pickin wild flowers is more up my alley ;)