Monday, June 24, 2013



late in may, sp and i packed up and took a 'real' vacation together. just the two of us. no cell phones. no laptops and most importantly NO WORK! 7 days of pure relaxation!
our plan was to not have a plan and just enjoy some down time. and we managed to do just that. the only thing we 'planned' and made an effort to do was get up early and watch the sunrise over the ocean together (see the pictures above) and every morning was more beautiful than the next!! the other thing we 'planned' was to not leave the resortwe had everything we needed and then some at this place... it was an incredible get-away - one that we will never forget!

*all photos taken my the lane*


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    1. aww thank you pamela:) it was even more beautiful and blissful in real life!