Monday, June 10, 2013


happy monday morning to you!!
junking and digging for 'junk' is something i love love love to do and inherited from a few generations before me. my great grandfather had garages, workshops, and sheds full of good 'junk' and treasures. you name it he had it. i wish my craving for junk had started before they sold the property he used to live on.. but unfortunately i was too young at the time. good jeans run deep in the lane family though, and it is hard for me to pass up any garage, antique or junk sale along the road or in town. passing by a junk pile, i have to sit on my hands to not jump out of the truck to start digging. true story. 
you don't always find something you need to take home, but smelling, touching and rummaging in search for that one treasure is worth it every time!
on friday morning the only thing keeping me from rolling up my sleeves a little higher and digging a little deeper was the fact that there were ticks, snakes and grass too tall.. reaching into a possible snake nest did not sound like fun at all. 
i didn't walk away with any treasures this time around- but you never know what might be in the next pile. one mans trash is another mans treasure!  

*all photos taken my the lane*

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