Monday, October 20, 2014


this mini + mama style is quickly becoming my new favorite post of the week!
not only does it fill my gift idea list for my mama friends with mini's but it makes me think outside of the maternity, post maternity boring finds to new ideas for mamas who still want to keep a cute wardrobe! now i have no experience on 'fitting into jeans when you preggo' but i hear the motivation to get back into your 'pre preggo' jeans is like motivation to fit back into your favorite skinny jeans! (i have full appreciation for that!!)

this weeks grays are so cozy and cute - i am drooling for both the picks for minis and mamas!
oh and the wooden toys your ask!? dont knock em till you've tried em!
growing up in germany most every toy was wooden, or cotton, wool or some sort of awesome material beside plastic.... at least for the majority of the time we lived there.. then slowly the plastic, easy break and funny smelling toys made their way onto the market as well.  i have always said i hope one day my kiddos can enjoy the same toys we did- guess what, amazon and other great wooden toy retailers are on board with the good stuff now too!
mini + mama

boy: sweater || sneakers || pants
girl: dress || tights || shoes



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