Wednesday, October 8, 2014


sneaking out for a long weekend away is something we end up doing quite often. 
so when thursdays come around, i try to keep  my work attire to comfortable and flexible for a road trip weekend get-away!
i am currently loving these wax coated jeans (pull-ons, yes pull-ons!!) don't knock em till you've tried em ladies! i was skeptical at first too, but melted into these jeans the first time i was convinced to try them on! 
i have a josie camo mz wallace bag.  love her. when i first got her over two years ago now, i took her everywhere with me and documented all of her adventures. now that its fall, its time for josie to come out of the dust bag again!
but i've had my eyes on 'andie' for a few weeks now... oh andie- i feel like you would be the perfect addition to my mz wallace collection! a girl can never have too many favorite bags, right?!

and if your wondering.. jet black nails at the office?! it's only ok it it's a good manicure; chipping and any kind of black peely action is no bueno. 

currently loving

weekday :: sweater || watch || jeans || flats || bag
julep  polish = alfre + jet 
weekend :: sweater || hat || sneakers || weekender


  1. I've really been wanting to try coated denim, love the look!