Tuesday, October 14, 2014


mini + mama
boy: shirt || hat || vest || shoes || jeans
girl: vest || hat || dress || tights || shoes

nail polish: alma || madison 
back again with more mini + mama styles!
dressing in layers is one of my favorite things about fall, dressing little ones in little layers it just the cutest. growing up in germany we were always dressed in layers and as girls, we were always in cotton tights. these here with the ruffles are killing me!!

and this 'diaper bag'...!! see, you didn't even know it was a diaper bag until i pointed it out to you. thats how cool it is. i have a matt and nat travel wallet from a few years back and its the best quality ever...i can only imagine how wonderful this diaper/carry-all bag is!!
(sadly they dont make the travel wallet anymore, but they do have some great wallets). 

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