Friday, October 24, 2014


spending the weekend at sp's family ranch is one of my favorite things to do!
waking up in the middle of nowhere to complete stillness and staying up to see countless stars in the sky is always the perfect reminder to slow down, take in God's perfect beauty and enjoy the little things that make life so sweet! 
spending time at the ranch during hunting season is sp's favorite -ever. waking up before the sun thinks about coming up, sneaking out to the best hunting spots and then doing the same thing again before the sun sets in the evening- he's like a little boy on Christmas morning everyday he gets to hunt - its the cutest!
i generally like to go with him in the mornings - sunrise and coffee is my jam. mainly because snuggling up by the fire with a glass of wine in the evening at the hunt house is the best... i'll leave the evening hunts to the boys. 
ranch weekend
ranch wears

ranch cozy
basket || blankets 1 & 2 || glasses || mask
firewood bag || jammies || book || slippers
makeup: lip tint || tinted bb cream || mascara || bronzer

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  1. oooh my gosh. this is SUCH a dream!! i mean, everything on here is heavenly. i am so glad you're having fun!! i don't do early mornings well, but it is hard to deny how lovely a good coffee sippin' sunrise can be. sounds soooo cozy!

  2. Do you use Tarte cosmetics regularly? I've always wondered about them. The bronzer looks fabulous.

    Gone Girl = amazing read!