Friday, May 10, 2013


day ten of the #blogeverydayinmay challege.. Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill:

there are a few, really, really embarrassing moments i can think of (i've tried to block them out) but that seem possibly inappropriate for the blogging world. so i thought of one that i can share with you and still want to show my face here again...soon. 

while finishing off my last year of college, i lived close enough to campus to walk or bike to/from class. on the regular i would ride my bike, normally handsfree while talking on the phone. (have you already figured out where this is going?!)
i was on my way home after class and had stopped to treat myself to a overpriced iced coffee . i was on the phone (like always) but to be sure you have a full visual:
riding my bike
coffee in one hand
phone in the other

i took the same route i did every time. but they had recently started construction on campus, and as i passed the construction entrance it happened... 
my front tire tripped up in the gravel and i lost control.. i didnt have time to drop the phone, and coffee to regain control of the wheel. 
so there i went- flying over the front handlebars in the middle of campus. 
sunglasses and phone went flying, scraped the knee of my jeans and bent the handlebars... but by gosh i saved the $5 coffee, without spilling a drop!

there were only a few people around (thank heavens). so i gathered my scattered items and walked my bike home as quickly as possible.

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