Wednesday, May 8, 2013


part of todays #blogeverydayinmay challenge is "a piece of advice you have for others" ... 

hmm- this is a little bit of a grab-bag topic. but did want to love you with a little something. if you ready my 'what i do' post, then you know i enjoy my job, a lot. part of why i love it so much is the flexibility and encouragement it gives me to still volunteer my time (and craziness) at wounded warrior retreats! so this is from me to you:

doing what you like 
is freedom
liking what you do
is happiness 

ps: yes my name was 'diddley squat' that day and yes those eye-lashes have gold dots on the ends ! 
oh and one more thing: that is my ridiculous-over-the-top smile but hey, i was out to make others smile :)

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