Monday, May 13, 2013


yesterday we celebrated mothers day with a little twist: my sister and i prepared sunday supper for the whole lane clan. dinner for 10 coming right up!
we wanted to serve something simple, yummy, family style and not too heavy since we were eating al-fresco to enjoy the beautiful spring day. 
so here's the menu: large summer salad (throw in all your favorites) and chicken parmesan served family style.
we set a simple table, burlap string to tie the napkins and silverware together, mason jars with candles and fresh cut flowers from moms back yard. 
and for desert... a very delicious assortment of mini 'nothing bundt cakes' my aunt brought to share!

it was so nice to celebrate the moms of the group and have everyone together:) 

as for day 13 of the #blogeverdayinmay.. the topic is to write a public apology... so here's mine: 
i'm very sorry to all my sweet readers that i did not take better pictures from yesterdays events - it was more about the family being together then capturing the day on film.. i'm hope you can understand:)

oh, and if you missed yesterday's post (it went out a little late.. like 9pm late) here you go!

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