Wednesday, May 15, 2013


day 14 of the #blogeverydayinmay challenge... a day in the life (include photos from a typical day- even a photo and hour if you like)... well this challenge has turned out to be rather difficult given the fact that i have been sick and forced to rest and take it easy the past (too many days). 
however, i have been trying to keep a schedule, but i have limited my yoga practice (super sad) and spending time outside- sigh.  but i do tend to take a lot of pictures throughout my day to i was able to snap a few from yesterday and sneak in a few from my photo stream to almost come up with a 'day in the life' of the lane for you: 

i am an early riser. part because i love the stillness of the morning and part because its the time sp and i have time to talk on the phone before our days get busy. on a working ranch the days start early to stay out of the summer heat and funny enough, cattle like a regular feeding schedule!
so after we talk, i take my coffee (or these days warm lemon water) and write a blog post and read up on my personal email. 
when i'm not down and out- i head to the yoga studio like clockwork to make a morning class and to get the workout and sweaty part of my day out of the way.
i work from home, so i get to enjoy my job in the comfort of my home.. unless i head out for a change of scenery and spend a few hours at a local coffee shop
sometimes lunch is good ol' leftovers from the night before. i'm not too fussy about lunch. yesterday it was a yummy green-protein shake with a side of frozen grapes. have you tried them before?! aaaa-mazing. they are perfectly sweet and a very refreshing summer time snack!

like i said i have been stuck indoors recently, but getting in an afternoon walk is something i love to make time for on a regular day

dinner for one is never very exciting. cooking for two is more my style.
but i try to eat healthy as much as possible. yesterday was an easy rice dish with sautéed veggies- yum!

being an early riser, normally calls for an early bedtime as a result. i'm ok with it. the sun is down and the best sleep is before midnight- sign me up!
i like to end my day with a hot cup of 'sleepy time tea' - calming and yummy, every time.
reading back, that kinda seems like a boring day. but really i've grown to love my 'routine' of quiet time, yoga, work and getting out and about either for a walk, errands or meeting up with friends. its the little things that keep us happy and healthy - doing something for yourself and for others once a day never hurt anyone!


  1. Seriously your daily routine sounds heavenly to me! I love the mornings I can get out of bed early enough to have a leisurely breakfast and cup of cofee. Nothing better then starting the day off like that. I also LOVE me some sleepy time tea and going to bed early :)

    1. having time in the mornings to ease into the day is the best for sure!!! - sleepy time tea is my jam!

  2. Ahhh I must try frozen grapes!! Also... I wish wish wish I had a job working from home! Where do I sign up? lol