Sunday, May 12, 2013


first, this blogging on the weekend thing is rather difficult. even harder on mothers day. hence the 9pm post on a sunday evening. technically still within the time limited of blogging on a sunday;)

today's #blogeverdayinmay topic is 'something you miss'... well i don't miss it every day, but there are some days where i miss the simplicity, slow and charming characteristics from the little town we grew up in for 13 years in germany. 
the little house above, covered in vines, is where we called home before moving back to the states. it was just behind the old cite gates and it was on the historical city walking tour! 
you had to duck your head to walk in the front door.. i could go on for a paragraph will all the 'cute' characteristics of this home.. it was perfectly imperfect!

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  1. Well said - perfectly imperfect! I think of Miranda Lambert's , 'The House that Built Me ', when I think of the chapter of our lives in that house! xo Mom