Wednesday, May 1, 2013


the countdown is on... (yes i have an app for that on my phone too!!)
at the end of the month SP and i are headed on a vacation for two to white sandy beaches, away from technology and work! 
can't believe its only a few weeks away now... which means time to get my summer beach essentials in order. 
first things first: its time to update my beach bag of choice. 
since i can remember my mom has always folded up her classic longchamp bag to bring to the beach as a carryall for books, games, sunglasses, etc. it has a zipper across the top to keep the sand out. my sister and i adopted the same tradition as frequent beach lovers and long champ carriers as well. 
maybe its the black, maybe its just time for an update, either way i'm on the hunt for a new beach tote. 
i found a few, but still cant decide. i would LOVE to know what your favorite summer/beach bag of choice is!